The Joy of Membership


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Creating a membership around what you do can be powerful.

As a business model, it stabilizes revenue.
As an act of mission, it amplifies impact.
As a social experience, it unites like minds and supports movement toward common goals.

But even if you love the idea of membership, you may not find it easy-breezy to create your own or do all the things that need to happen to make it run well.

That is why clients work with me. I’m Joy Duling. (Yep! There’s a real “Joy” in The Joy of Membership.) I help my clients design and deliver member experiences.

So, sometimes that means…

– I facilitate planning sessions.
– I tame technology.
– I create systems and processes.
– I solve all sorts of tricky problems.
– I even have a team that does all kinds of work you don’t want to do.

In short, we take your vision for what your membership could be and we make it happen so that your members can experience the impact they want, while you experience the joy of leading the way you want.